Dating Advice – “Getting to Know You” Questions For Relationships

Think about dating as a sport, an opportunity to have fun and learn about people from all walks of life while sharing common ground and common interests. Here are a few ways to get to know someone quickly through a fun, curious question where you can learn a lot about him or her and without being nosy or too personal.

1. The first dating question you need to ask yourself is simple and straightforward. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Male or female friends or family members. If you do, ask your date about them. For example, “What do you like about your brother or sister?” Or “What do you like about your friends?” The important thing is to not put too much pressure on this question, you simply want to know. If the person is close to your age and of common interests, there is a good possibility that you may have something in common.

2. Next, the next important dating question you need to ask yourself is what type of relationship you are looking for. Do you want a casual relationship or something on “like” terms only? If you are not sure what to type of relationship you want, you can write down the top 5 qualities or qualities that you are looking for either on your own or that you know you want in a partner. For example, if you like someone who is funny, then you may want to think about your own comedy shows and what kinds of comedy shows you like and the kinds of comedy shows you are interested in watching. If you like someone who has similar interests to you but is a different race, religion, or background, you may want to think about the kinds of cultural shows that interest you. Or if you want someone who has a different culture than you, you may want to think about the kinds of foreign places you have traveled to or would like to go to one day.

3. If you decide that you want to be serious about a relationship, you can ask your date what he or she looks for in a serious relationship. What are some must haves in a relationship? Or do they prefer someone who is just friends? Workaholics? Just lovers? rightfully hither?

4. Be honest. No matter how complicated your life, there is no good reason for being dishonest. If you are looking for a committed relationship, then tell your date. If you are just looking for an online relationship, then be honest with your profile. Remember, honesty is the best policy. There is no reason to spend an inordinate amount of time with someone that is never going to be a serious romantic partner or wingman. Even if it “sounds” exciting that you should be meeting someone amazing because sports are so much fun, and you “have a really good thirst,” be honest with your date.

5. Consider some end goals for the dating experience. “Weed boosting” is great for peak experience but is not the end goal. Which brings me to another dating tip. What do you want your partner to do several years from now? What do you want to achieve in a couple of years, decade, or in 20 years? What would be theirement for each of you in that period? If you each had a dream, what would it be?

I suggest that in the early dating stages, try to write down exactly what you want out of the dating experience. Be specifics. That’s how you get things done. So, if you want something serious, make it clear. If you thought you truly met an amazing partner but you felt a deeper attraction and desire to be in a relationship, cut the person a slack and try to make that desire a reality before rushing to rising expectations.

Be careful not to confuse “love” with ” pluming.” Do not treat it as a game where the loser is dumped and move on. At the end of the date, when is the last time you spoke about or did something for the benefit of the other person other than to disappear into the bathroom together? When, they are too far gone to reach? Do not text highlight reels of excitement for hours yet, weeks, or months later. “To the last day, then I jump the gun…” is a decree of emergency! For a Be cracking, tough, down and dirty joke; tell her about your scraped knee, mild traumatic syndrome, and how you had to have surgery. Women love the thrill of the chase most of all but be careful. Remember, while all women love a challenge, some will bolt if you pull out that heavy gastric tax.

The way you crack a joke, remember to smile. Be smooth. Be confident. Be a man.

Totally, totally women love a real, complete man.